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Wywiad dla portugalskiego darmowego magazynu Music and Riots

Tutaj można zobaczyć wywiad w oryginalnym piśmie (strona 100-107, niestety tylko po portugalsku)

A tu wstęp i pierwsze pięć pytań po angielsku:
Before she released this album, Emilie was committed into an asylum where she has been through really painful moments. But from that point on she wrote her book ?The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls?, an auto-biographical novel with a big message. Emilie?s struggle has been constant, since she suffers from bipolar disease; however that gives her motivation and inspiration. By speaking with Emilie, we got to know her world, her thoughts and her posture towards the society we live in, where feminism and animal rights were highlighted. For this and much more, Emilie Autumn is an example of strength and courage.   

Text and interview by Andreia Alves

1- Hi Emilie, how are you?

I?m very, very well! My new album has been released for time now and everything is going extremely well (laughs).

2- I am glad! About you?re new album ?Fight Like A Girl? what can you tell us about it?

It?s definitely not a rock album, or anything like it. It?s supposed to be the theatrical soundtrack or part of the soundtrack of my book ?The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls?, so it sounds like something very cinematic like it was the script of a movie or its soundtrack, every song was made to be sang by different characters on the concerts. Therefore, when you listen to this album, it takes you in a journey, because it?s something that in reality is what it is supposed to happen with this whole story, its certainly not a set of individual songs. This is the main idea of the album that looks more like a Broadway musical, and in fact it really is (Laughs).

3- What is the story behind ?Fight Like A Girl??

 The story comes directly from a part of the book, only one part; otherwise it would be too many hours for just one album (Laughs).

So I saved something for the music itself, but it?s all taken word by word from the book, that is as you know the story of everything I do and everything I do is tell the story. That comes directly from there, because the people that know the book will understand all the little hidden details in this album perfectly, I think that at the same time the people that know nothing about the book will be able to still understand from an entirely different level. The story is really about telling the story of these girls of an asylum and when the album starts, they find in really wonderful circumstances, the key to escape from that place, but as soon as the songs keep on going, we go back in time in a flashback from how the whole story began from the start, meaning, how did we ended up in this hole and how this whole mess started. This album takes you, from song to song, to where everything begins, that is the fight to the part where you need to break free from this place, but you end up realizing its not enough to just break free and run, because they are gonna find us again and takes back there, like that you don?t solve anything. What we need to do is get rid of the guards, taken down the doctors from the asylum and take over the asylum. Make it our house and sanctuary like it was always supposed to be. That?s what happens in the end, and it?s because of that, that it?s about that journey of emancipation that this girls that get together as mothers and sisters take fighting against this common enemy.   

From what I?ve seen from the Plague Rats, around 50% of our fan base is male, and because of that by seeing their reaction, it?s pretty clear that they understand the equal rights of both genders, because it has nothing to do with if you?re a boy or a girl, but it?s about being oppressed and having a common enemy and unite against that enemy like an army of good to fight for freedom, individuality, and all the good things. That is the best part seeing that people don?t have to explain that this is not to strike men, it?s the emancipation of all of us. 

4- It?s pretty clear the you?re book ?The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls? is your big inspiration for this album. Tell us something about your book.

From here, of what we already talked about you can probably have an idea, but the book is this journey, it?s all real, it?s my auto biography and it?s based on my journal?s entries that are completely real. It starts with the entries of the journal that wrote a while back when I was locked into a mental health care facility. Then what happens is my story, from this person that was stuck in that same situation, where I was supposedly crazy, insane, and of course I am not insane, but that doesn?t matter. Someone thinks you are and you are locked up immediately, it?s how it works. But that comes and goes; it?s like a mystery of suspense that happened in a time travel. Because when I was in the institution, I would find my other half from another time, my Victorian Emilie, that version of me of another time where we started to communicate by writing in my journal. So this book really shows what actually happened in the world, 150 years ago, in an asylum happenned the same exact thing in another time in 2000 something, in the same place, of how much family they are, at a certain point you can?t tell from whom the diary is because they are so alike.

5- That ends up being a very important message.

Yes, absolutely, it really ends up being a really important message. Because it?s true, it still exists a lot of Victorian on us, and that is not a good thing, it?s really a bad thing, so we still have long way to go on our mental health care treatment, or our self-awareness if we do have or not mental problems or sometimes we don?t understand them, which is my case. It?s a serious social message about a lot of things, but its defeat it?s like this album, a story where people don?t need to know who I am, or my music, or knowing if this is true or not. When you get to the bottom of this story it ends up being exciting and funny, because you go through some sort of time travel, very scary and mysterious, almost like a fiction book, and that way I think that a lot of people will read it without thinking that its true and that is even better, because the end doesn?t really matter.
Wrogami nie są mężczyźni ani kobiety, ani starcy, ani nawet umarli. Są nimi potwornie głupi ludzie, którzy trafiają się we wszystkich odmianach. A nikt nie ma prawa być głupim.
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wiem, że pewnie nikomu się nie chce ale i tak zapytam xD będzie ktoś tłumaczył?:>

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Odp: 9 stycznia 2013 - Emilie Autumn dla fanzinu Music and Riots
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Nie w sesję.
To się dzieje teraz. Armageddon.

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Odp: 9 stycznia 2013 - Emilie Autumn dla fanzinu Music and Riots
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Cat, wiem, ze to zabrzmi paskudnie ale - cieszmy się, ze jest po angielsku xD

Ostatnio mi się chce tłumaczyć ale nie w sesję zdecydowanie...

Kolejne 5 pytań po angielsku:
6- It ends up being a message for the general audience not just about you.

When I wrote the book, I thought that it really mattered being about me and that people knew, but now I realized that none of that matters or is important in some way, it?s also the way that our lives work. It doesn?t matter if you know really know how serious this is or if this is a story behind a great lie that has a great meaning, that is as valid as if you just walked in and saw beautiful costumes and girls dancing, singing wonderful music, which is really fun, exciting, glittery, colorful and all those things combined make a pretty entertainment. That is so important to someone?s life or day like this intense story that they can relate to if they have been through something similar. Because after all this could?ve happened to anyone, it?s about emancipation like on the album, the people uniting against a common enemy and finding a solution.

7-Yes, of course, nobody is safe from that, hence why you fought for it. 

This whole about fighting like a girl is accepting what people usually say that makes you weak like your gender, like society doesn?t acknowledge your skills or thinks you can?t practice certain professions like men can and stuff like that. Accepting the things that are considered you?re weaknesses or forfeits and turning that into your power and strength like the title ?fight like a girl?, of course it?s sarcastic and ironic. What it really means is to take this sentence that is used as an insult and turn it into a compliment, turning it into something that is a power source and strength. Like it happens in society with the word ?Bitch? in a lot of other places it doesn?t mean something bad (Laughs) we have to have that back, in a way that is something powerful (Laughs) but is definitely not as offensive like it used to be, 20 years ago it was something terrible and now it?s not. It?s funny the things that you take back from when we were growing up and were still very young, you would hear the expression ?you fight like a girl? that was said to the boys. ?Come on you fight like a girl? or ?You throw like a girl? or ?You cry like a girl?. The boys used that  to embarrass other boys and insult girls, and that affect us negatively, because from the start we were programmed to think that way and I feel like today it?s not too late to say ?Go fuck yourself, take it back. There?s nothing weak on us, you want to how strength looks like? Then learn with me?.  You, me and all the women of this world are doing a great job demonstrating our power and strength on what really matters to us.   

8- That is a demonstration of women?s strength, you couldn?t have said it in a better way.

In the book and album it shows that there?s strength in numbers and that in reality the numbers are on our side, because we are 51% of the world?s population and that is something we tend to forget. Women are still seen as a minority, and we are not (Laughs). It?s something we have to have in mind when we face our life in this world and that you are a girl that takes control of her own life, of yourself and of your space in this world, because you have all the right to do that and never hide just because you are a girl and because you are small and other things that are said, that is all a lie, it?s all bullshit. You don?t have to do that, but it really helps to look around to other women, and from that became a powerful union, like some sort of army that is something beautiful and not violent, it doesn?t need to be because women don?t need to fight that way, our brains are quite effective, and that is the beauty of fighting like a girl. One of the most important in my life is the sisterhood, like the union of women. Its basically one of the most beautiful things I?ve ever been part of, or experienced and it?s that, that people see on stage between me and my girls. We are the best of the best friends of this planet, despite all that has happened in my life, I?m so grateful for all of this, for being able to do this my life, for being able to talk to you, for traveling around the world with my girls, because they are my best friends. And they are magical and together we represent some sort of microcosmos, that little version of what we are trying to show to the rest of the world, that is the beauty of a true friendship, where there?s no pickiness, but attitudes, none of that. This is a pure and unconditional love that these girls feel and I?ve seen that in our audience and in the letters that I receive. There are so many male fans but especially the female fans that meet others on the shows and realize that from those messages that this is emancipation and union, a type of power source, and they became great friends, which is something wonderful. This is the reason to keep doing this; there?s is so much to be done still, and women finding strength in their selves and in others. I think this is the true meaning of magic.

9- Is there any particular song from this album that you liked the most to compose/produce/sing?

Oh that is so hard, even though I love that question, because it really makes me think about it (Laughs) and of how I feel. Oh it?s really hard, because I didn?t put anything in the album that I haven?t felt with all my soul, but let me think about it for a while because I really want to answer to this question (Laughs).

10- Its ok Emilie (Laughs) take all the time you need.

 Thank you (Laughs) you?re a sweet! Hum? My favorite first part of the album comes in the 3rd track, which is my favorite, and it?s called ?4 o?Clock (Reprise)?, it?s so pretty, because it?s an instrumental, and it?s very bitter and it refers almost to the sound of a time machine, that?s going back in time and takes you to the past when all the story begins from the start, so it takes you back to a time and its destined to be some type of gift to all of those who stayed with me , that stayed with us in these past few years, because it is a retake of ?4 o?Clock? that was a song  from an EP of a few years back. That song brings that back, because I know some people won?t understand and will just think ?Oh what a beautiful song, it seems to be part of the story?, but the Plague Rats will understand that, this is our thank you for staying in the story and for being part of my strength , because they know they are special. But the most powerful song I?ve written until today is the last of the album, ?One Foot in Front of the Other?, for it?s the answer to the question that I asked myself for many years, that is ?How do I keep on going after all of this?? and it doesn?t have to do with the book that would be ?How do we keep on going after all of our friends have been killed?? (Laughs) or ? How do we keep on going after being tortured for years?? it can as simple as bad day, or a break up, or losing a job, or something really serious, or simply being that faze that we all go thought at a certain point in our lives when we ask ourselves ?Why are we doing this? Does it make any sense?? and in any case, whatever means to you the answer to that, since there is no magic button to press, it took me 20 years to realize that, that there is no magic button that you can press that makes everything alright. There are things going on this world that are bad enough that you will never be ok, it?s not possible and you will be lying to yourself if you say ?One day I?ll wake up and everything will be fine? or ?The world is gonna be fine?, I mean, there are situations in this world that us as its population still can?t overcome, because we can?t and the best we can do is to remember that and learn from it and don?t make the same mistakes again.

Ulubiona piosenka Emilie z pierwszej części FLAG to...4 o'Clock reprise. Nie wiem czemu ale wywołało to u mnie falę awwwwwww. No i One Foot, czemu mnie to nie dziwi...;)

I ostatnia część:
11- That is one of the biggest problems of the human beings, the same problems are always happening.

the point of this song is that there is no magic answer, everything there is, is to push forward, that?s all, there is no way of how you?re gonna do it, what you do is put one foot in front of the other so that you don?t stop. That is the only truth I can believe in and its surprising that way before I released this album, we played some of the songs on the first round of the ?Fight like a Girl Tour?, and when we played this song the people totally understood what it meant, what  it meant to them, it?s some kind of powerful final answer that ends up encouraging them , because it says to not look at your outside , only to keep on going, people understood that and even got  their ankles and feet tattooed with ?One foot in front of the other? (Laughs). They really understood and those things leave me so proud, proud of them for understanding something and reflect that on themselves, for making that about them and their world, what makes this much bigger than me or my world or my theory or something else. What really matters is if you see that this affects other person, for example, some other person that is walking down the street and other person that passes him by won?t know when they see that tattoo that was Emilie Autumn that wrote it, because it doesn?t matter, for who sees it, it will mean something to them and it can change their day. By seeing Plague Rats getting that tattoo it only inspires me to want do one too (Laughs) which is a great idea, so I will probably do it (Laughs).

12- You think you?re artistic development and everything you?ve done so far is because you are bipolar or not really?

Good question! It?s something that I have been asking myself, but I?m not sure. There are some days that I feel inspired and other that I think ?Fuck, if all of this hadn?t happened to me, I wouldn?t have this amazing story to tell? and my message wouldn?t be so powerful and exciting, because their wouldn?t be so many fazes of experience or personality or of any of those things to share and have someone that could relate with that. I think the answer is exactly the same to both situations. I believe that in order to be creative there always has to be some sort of struggle.

13- Yes, it ends up being a struggle.

We?ve heard this kind of theory, or cliché, or whatever you wanna call it, that creativity, or composing, or excellent music, or art, comes from sadness, or torment, or something like that and I usually think like that. It doesn?t have to be that way or anything like it (Laughs). Its fundamental, but it?s not just because you?re miserable and sad, yes sometimes you manage to make great things from there, but it?s not because of that, that you have to be terribly sad that it has to a horrible effort, like an inner fight with yourself, between you and the world, you and society, because I think that, that fight always brings something new, and if it?s nothing new or in any way original I don?t think it can be art. You have to try and find a solution to a problem; art is the solution that we find in that moment for that problem. Of all I?ve created from the start it has been a solution to my problem.

14- Art ends up being a way to deal with your problems.

Exactly, it has been a way of dealing with that and for me to relate with the world, of having something to share that is pretty and not just a problem. That way, I know that were absolutely both situations that helped me to create. I?m not gonna lie and say that being bipolar doesn?t have its benefices, because it does, it doesn?t mean that it?s worth it, it may really not be worth it, but it does, to me and to other persons like me, it definitely allows us to have a door to other reality, a different way of thinking, and when I?m there I have access to all kinds of creativity that I don?t have when I?m not in that place, you understand?

15- Of course I do, it ends up being an impulse.

When I don?t feel affected by that condition, it simply comes and goes. So, if I didn?t had that access, I would create in a different way, I think I wouldn?t be able to incorporate that magic thing in my work, it would just be different. Because of me loving what I am, I am capable of creating, I love what I create, what I continue to do and what I have in mind, that will be my next step. I?m so in love with these ideas and so excited to build and share them, that I can?t get terribly affected like I?ve always been, until this point of realization of this mental condition to make other things that make me who I am. It?s a big part of who I am and I thought for years that I could press that little magic button and make it all go away and like everybody else. In most of my life I thought yes, that I would definitely press that button, but now I wouldn?t, since it has taught me so much, not only about me, but also to understand people better, their conditions and the process of being normal.

16- Because the process of normality turns out to be very complex.

But normal doesn?t exist, I?m not normal, you?re not normal, most people are normal but that doesn?t exist. We only agreed to this general normality like ?Ok we behave and respect the law?, but what goes through people?s mind is their own reality, so in my case I demonstrate all of that in my work and it looks like something so special. A lot of people have those worlds and of a different way, there?s no such thing as actual craziness or mental patients, there is huge range where there are rainbows and lots of colors (Laughs).  I think because I was taught from birth to have this mental illness that will never fade away , but now it?s something that I value a lot, a lesson learned that I?m grateful for and by open up about it brought more people together and showing me that I?m not alone, in a magical spiritual way. It has been a great part of me has been creating and continues creating and I think it did more good than bad. By surviving the attempt of suicide that I caused took me to a lot of places where everything is beautiful and in some way I don?t feel angry anymore because of this condition. I almost made a personal challenge that show what can be done in situations like these, with mental disorders like this one, and you can do amazing things, beautiful and artistic from this situation and if you hadn?t acted that way you wouldn?t have that fight, you wouldn?t have the need to create. Some people do the same as me; I think that this is really true.

17- You really are a strong and inspiring woman; I?m amazed with what you have told me!

Oh thank you so much, you?re wonderful! More you go through and survive more you become a warrior princess and that?s what peace represents. It?s like wearing a dress that you love, like the feathers I?ve been wearing, they make me feel beautiful and more powerful than I?ve ever felt before, just for being a pretty girl in a corset and being glittery and pretty, marvelous and all those things show that you can be sexy, pretty, powerful and still be a fearless female warrior. The thing is refusing to give up on our sexuality, our beauty and our femininity, which isn?t something weak, but strong. We have to fight, you have to get rid of your bra or cover your whole body and look for the real feminine strength, but understanding that you are a fighter and a warrior and that you can?t give up on anything. You can wear whatever you want, you don?t have to apologize to anybody, you can be sexy and much more. And that?s where the fun is, you engulf all of that and you are a Goddess. You are inspirations to me like the ancient times and all the cultures of the world, that is something I?ve studied hard, the Goddesses of all cultures, not just the Greek and Roman, but every culture. These architectures of the female power are based on its beauty, in their physical beauty, their connection to the earth, universe, nature and everything else. It?s something to live by its something that empowers you.

18- That?s the Emilie spirit!

We are free to wear what we want and feel good and sexy about ourselves.

19- By the way, you create all of your costumes, which are amazing; you do that all by yourself?

Yes (Laughs). A month before the tour I made a promise to my girls, that I would create new outfits for all of us. For me it?s about 3 or 4 pieces, because of the outfit change in the shows. I told everybody that I could make all the costumes in this short period of time (Laughs) instead I should be recording videos, releasing the album to the stores and compose new songs (Laughs). The theme of the costumes is the Victorian corsets with a bit of armor, which means, the dresses have this tribal elements like they were going into battle, because that is exactly what happens.

20- I don?t know how you are able to juggle all of that with such a tight schedule, it?s fantastic!

 Oh it?s funny, you always manage to get everything done, but I think that it?s my determination that helps me and I say to myself ?That is really happening?. I try to pull through and tell myself everyday what it gets really tough. ?In another reality, this is already happening, my job is to catch up?, and for that I look at what I have to do and say ?In the future, I did this and it was awesome!?, so I do what I have to do, because its already happening and I think I can?t do it, think that I?ve done it before and find a way to do it. That?s my trick that I learn every day and what needs to happen. I think that?s useful to a lot of people that has impossible things to do.

21- Emilie, I?ve read one of your interviews about veganism, and you made a comparison between the treatment of women and animals in our society, what did you meant with that comparison?  

This has nothing to do with being vegan; I think a lot of people don?t understand the whole vegan thing, because it?s almost a religion or a moral thing on eating animals. I personally choose not eat animals and not for thinking that it?s not natural, it?s probably very natural for people around the world that eat animals like animals eat other animals. I mean, I don?t like that, nor that idea, but it?s my personal choice. My problem is with this lost part of vegetarianism that in a lot of the civilized world, particularly in the U.S. they don?t treat animals right, and that?s the big issue that I have with this animals that are mistreated and slaughtered. It?s not about being vegan or vegetarian, it?s about how we treat animals, I feel that how society treats animals has a lot do on how they treat women and children too, and people in general, and if you buy an animal in a cruel, disrespectful, and negligent way, you probably don?t have respect nor human soul. Unfortunately , in most societies , women are connect to a second line and not only that, in certain places they have no respect for animals, and for that this creatures are seen like non important to them.  

22- Yes, in fact it is a devastating reality, we as a society should be more evolved in that aspect, its unthinkable this kind of situations.

If you take a look to the complete domination of society, they are gonna dominate everybody, if society really respects nature they will respect animals, their other human beings, their women, their children, their men, all the people, because all of us are part of nature. None of us is more separated than a tree, we are part of that also, we are the separated part of the planet. We are animals. It would be nice not to compare women with animals, because this wouldn?t be a question in a society of where 51% of women are well treated and respected, we wouldn?t say it like that. Because I?m not the only saying this, Gandhi says that too (Laughs). I think he didn?t talked about women and animals, but there?s a quote of his that says that the culture of humanity is seen how they treat their animals , so that is not my idea, this is not an revolutionary and controversial idea that I just made up, I just completely agree with it. It?s not just about women, it?s about all of us and how the earth is being affected globally and that is a massive problem. That says it all to me that I need to know how to do thing better, respect and comprehend the earth and we are so separated from nature. Many cities globally evolved are the ones that unfortunately are the most distant, because they are really civilized, but that doesn?t mean that they really are, it?s not always how they say, it?s not always the right way and not always the right message. Our respect for nature is the metaphor of our respect for animals and for all of us. It?s something universal and doesn?t have to be about veganism that is something relatively important because it?s healthy, the eggs and cheese that you eat contain chemicals and make some animals be tortured and miserable. The main goal of this is worrying about ourselves and with the other creatures, whether they are human, animals or trees.
Wrogami nie są mężczyźni ani kobiety, ani starcy, ani nawet umarli. Są nimi potwornie głupi ludzie, którzy trafiają się we wszystkich odmianach. A nikt nie ma prawa być głupim.
Terry Pratchett