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Wywiad z Veronicą
« dnia: 19 Paź 2013, 12:01:08 »

An Interview with Veronica Varlow
The Danger Dame, Burlesque Dancer, Inmate, and Movie Star?

What has been your most magical or memorable moment on tour?
Damn. There are so many. Off the top of my head?. hopping cemetery gates in Poland with green facial masks on, playing to a packed audience in Norway for the first time and having the audience scream so loud I started to cry (in a good way- I couldn?t believe it was happening), accidentally setting the curtains of our hotel on fire while melting wax and having Emilie and Maggot dive bomb the fire to put it out (we laughed really hard after that, and I sewed up the fire holes in the curtains so we wouldn?t get busted), having a teenage dream come true of being on a gondola in Venice with the full moon reflecting in the canal, and the biggest magic is getting to meet so many of you after shows, before shows and during shows (RAT GAME!!!).

I think what?s been so magical about this entire experience is the community that has been created. I will never feel alone again! It?s pretty incredible. You guys are my family. After our home burned to the ground, so many people jumped to support us. And now, with us launching our film Revolver on Kickstarter?so many people have been supportive and kind and let me know they are standing there with me. They?ll say ?oh, you inspire me?? and I?m like, ?No. YOU inspire ME. I wouldn?t be able to throw my biggest dream out there into the world without your help. No way. It took years to get over the fear. Now, I know I?ve got you guys with me?and I?m not going to be afraid anymore.

What inspired your character for the concerts?
Well, I was doing burlesque already and I wanted to do a fun kind of cheeky burlesque Bloody Crumpet. One night, we were on stage in Hamburg and Emilie?s batteries for her violin went out. They were going to replace them and she turned to me and said - ?Kill 5 minutes.?

I suddenly flashed to a moment when I first came to NYC and I was awkward and felt out of place everywhere. I went to go see this post-punk band, The Make Up, play in the East Village. The lead singer came out and immediately walked right up to me, grabbed me by the back of my head and kissed me as the drums were going like crazy. Then he kissed the guy next to me and launched into his first song. I know it might sound dumb, but I felt like I arrived. I felt like I wasn?t this awkward, lost thing in the city. I left that tiny ass club feeling like a damn punk rock wild child?it was New York City?s way of welcoming me. So when I had those five minutes, I looked into the crowd and I thought - it?s ON. And that?s how the Rat Game came to be. It?s a fun way to say - hey- I?m alive, you?re alive. Let?s jump on stage together and be wild and forget what we?re supposed to do and who we are supposed to be. I wanna take you out of your life for a second and kiss you.

What can you tell us about the experience of being in the Fight Like A Girl music video?

I had bruises for weeks! It was very exciting and it was great to work with a fantastic and professional crew. We were throwing our bodies everywhere, down stairs, into walls, onto floors, we had fight choreography where I was landing kicks inches from a guy?s face?.I mean, you don?t want to mess that up. It was fantastic to be on the set and be a part of it, but it was even more fun to watch Emilie be in her zone acting wise. She was glowing the whole time - this was something she had really wanted to do. I am really proud of her and all that she has accomplished. I?m psyched that she is launching into acting because she?s incredible. I?m looking forward to seeing her play a badass punk rock girl in Revolver. Hint: She gets me into lots of trouble.

Your blog, the Danger Dame Diary, is filled with inspiration and magic for your followers both in and outside of the EA fanbase. What is your favorite thing about running a blog and how does it feel sharing your life online with those people?
My favorite thing about Danger Diary is that I can be raw, uncensored me.

People get to see my performances on stage, but many of them don?t get to know the real me. The Danger Diary is my place to share my experiences and talk about real things like battling my fears, fighting low self esteem, and things I do to give me confidence to go for my dreams. We are all human. I?m not perfect. And if I?ve been going through something good or bad, I think I should put it out there because someone else is going through the same thing. If we can help each other to know that we are not alone in the world - then that is the greatest gift that we can give each other. The Danger Addicts, the people who read my diary and comment regularly have formed a supportive community. Reading their comments helps me so much, too. The Danger Diary doesn?t let me hide. It challenges me. And I love a challenge.

Revolver! Can you share a bit about your Kickstarter road tour and your plans for the movie?
AHHHH. Biggest dream of my life! As I?m answering these - it?s close to 4:30am and the launch will be live in 4 and 1/2 hours on Kickstarter.

So here?s the deal. As you know, Kickstarter is a place where people can back the projects they believe in and get cool rewards. This way people?s dreams can come true through world wide community support. Kickstarter will put us out there so that millions of people all over the world can see us. And I?m super grateful for that. AND at the same time, I wanted to make our Kickstarter something that can be on-line AND in-person if possible. If I could hug every single one of the people that back this dream of mine I would.
I had already saved up my money from touring to go cross-country and do a location scout for Revolver?to visit the old forgotten roadside attractions like House on the Rock and Storybook Land. These are places that our characters go explore in the film. So since we were already going location scouting, we figured - why not do the Kickstarter WHILE we are on the road. That way, we can meet a bunch of you as we go cross country and say thank you in person.

All of us are a team. Burke and I can?t do this alone. If you want to help us make our biggest dream happen, well, I want to meet YOU! I?m going to be blogging and taking videos the whole way and I hope to meet many of you on the road, and for those who are far away - you can watch my videos and be a part of it still - I want us all to be included. The tour schedule will be posted on our Kickstarter page in the next few days. AND - check out the Kickstarter page to see many of you in a video made by Commander Stripey of your ?Team Revolver? photos.

How did Revolver come to be?
I had never been anywhere before and Burke would tell me about adventures he had in the past. We had no money to adventure so I started to create daydreams about wild adventures. I ended up writing some of these in my diary and based the characters on Burke and I - kind of a fantasy version of ourselves. I showed Burke my diary one day and he loved the story and wanted to work more on it. He?s a master at storytelling and we played with the storyline together - brainstorming day and night until the characters took on a life of their own. Together we built a solid and beautiful script?and you can peek at the trailer and step into our world of Revolver.

Tell us more about the Kickstarter!
For those of you who are interested in backing our dream?..thankyouthankyouthankyou.

The first day is the most important day - because we?re trying to get on the most popular project page to be seen by millions.

AND - I?m offering one of a kind things - like my pink feather fans from 2007-2009 that I rocked on stage with Emilie, I?m also offering my black dress I wear in the car chase shoot out scene in the trailer, and Burke is offering his cowboy hat that he wore throughout the trailer. These things mean alot to us, but we are willing to part with them to someone who believes in us and our dream and is willing to back us.

Also - remember that whenever you back something - the money will NOT be taken out of your account that day?.it doesn?t come out until the end - when we are successful (FINGERS CROSSED!!!!)

Thank you all for giving me the courage to do this.

I?m forever grateful for this community - and I wish that all your dreams come true as well!

Love and Kisses -
Veronica Varlow

Currently, the REVOLVER Kickstarter has been funded with $23,691! The funding goal is $99,000 to be reached by November 15, 2013. So donate! There are plenty of perks to be had and much fun to watch unfold. Go support the Naughty Veronica in her new adventure ? if only to watch Emilie get her into trouble in the film.

P.S. Veronica confirmed she will be touring with Emilie Autumn on the upcoming tours with the Birthday Massacre.

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